From the web article: Joe Arridy was the happiest man on death row
"He is one of the worst Mental Defective cases I have ever seen," the officer wrote. "I picked him up this morning for allowing some of the nastiest and Dirtiest things done to him that I have heard of."

According to the officer, Joe had been "manipulating the penis of Negro Boys with his mouth" and allowing said boys "to enter the dirty road with their penis." ("I would be more technical," the officer explained apologetically, "but do not know the terms.") In another time, Arridy might have been deemed an at-risk teen who'd been sexually exploited by older youths. But in 1929, he was simply a pervert who had to be locked away.
by WhiteNip August 11, 2019
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When the penis goes into the butthole or anus
Man dude, last night I went to enter the house and she was like, GTFO!
by Chainz in da Building July 17, 2015
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When Donny realized he wouldn't see Paris for a while he felt bad for pulling out. It was then he decided to re enter Paris and finish the job.
by Gregaroidson. July 27, 2017
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Used when someone in a group chat presses the enter key too early by accident, resulting in a malformed sentence.

Originated from hitting enter early on the phrase "hit enter ear(ly)"
Steve: *walks in, starts b

Edward: aw dude did you hit enter ear
by official friend October 28, 2018
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Another way of saying kys
lj: u r an idiot im the best!!1!
Tq: go commit air not entering lung area you retarded 3 year old
by How1dare1you September 08, 2018
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When a band's most successful song (usually not they're best) becomes they're only known song among non fans.
Joe: "Hey what's your favorite Metallica song?"
Alex: "Oh you know Enter Sandman."
Joe: " Really? I think Fade to Black or Master of Puppents is better."
Alex: "I've never heard those ones."
Joe: "The Enter Sandman Effect." *sigh*
by Will Lange February 20, 2015
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