Esc means vibe or relating to a persons vibe or interest.
Omg all those paintings give off a bob ross esc.
by miacat1243 April 15, 2022
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The "escape" key. It, like, closes windows, or programs, or something like that. Often used in vain by computer illiterate school teachers to somehow fix a frozen computer.
- "Mrs. So-and-so!"
- "Yes?"
- "I think my computer froze."
*teacher walks over*
- "Hmmm...."
*teacher repeatedly taps the "Esc" key*
- "Well, I'm not sure what's wrong. Just go to another computer."
- "But I'm in the middle of an assignment!"
- "Well, tough shit!"
by S_t_G December 26, 2005
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Did you know that the Esc button is the first button on the keyboard?
by Langwij~Master May 27, 2003
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Special ed classes also known as ese and back in the days ebd
He be eatting in the class room at the west Cause he esc.
by SarahSaw April 15, 2019
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ESC is an abreviation for Eurovision Song Contest. This is a music contest organised every year in an European country.
A: Hey bro! Conchita Wurst won ESC!!
B: Oh… Didn't deserve it...
by Eurofan November 22, 2016
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To escape something. Most commonly, a relationship.
Guy says: This bitch is off my nuts.
Friend says: Really?
Guy says: ESC
Friend says: lol
by stonerlogicftw April 29, 2010
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an extremely chad Hacker and smart social engineer known for countless hacking attacks.
Hes the founder of 007 and The Universals, ex UKK high rank and he is in arena 12 in Clash Royal.
(Uses Unicode because he thinks its cool)

ESC is one of the High-ranks in The Universals

BillalAi, Redmask, Kaleb (cp trader), Arminius, Kenny (his boyfriend)
Esc: "Bruh the raiding community sucks."
BillalAi: "Why are we even here?"
by Yemado December 27, 2022
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