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An ongoing rivalry between the most idiotic dregs of English and American society. No matter how the argument begins, it generally amounts to misinformed/biased historical citations and ridiculously stereotypical insults being thrown back and forth between both parties. It is more often than not an exercise in which everyone openly displays their narcissism and ignorance while releasing pent up aggression that would be better focused toward the government official or representatives responsible for the political offense rather than "Random American/English Citizen #1,035."

In other words, a colossal waste of time that gives haters an excuse to hate and further deepens the misunderstandings/cultural boundaries between the two supposedly allied nations.
Hey, did you see that topic about England vs America? They all sound like ass holes.

Some common arguments in England vs America: "I'm not a Brit! You're a Yank!" "My country saved your country so HA." "Because you're a ___ you're obviously ___, ___, ___ and ___ so I hate you and anyone like you! Now, respect my opinions and nationality. >:(" "<ANYTHING regarding WWII or the American Revolution>"
by anonymouspacifist April 19, 2011
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Alright people. I am getting sick and tired of this whole 'england vs america' thing.
The English need to stop insulting Americans.
And Americans need to stop insulting the English.

1) England is not full of gay, posh, snobby, tea-drinking people with awful teeth. Many of us, are perfectly normal.

2) Not all Americans are fat, mcdonalds guzzling, greedy, lazy slobs.

3) If you try, you CAN get along. I'm English, my boyfriend is American, and I love him a lot.

4) Don't have a go at eachother because of Wars, sports, fighting or anything like that. America beat England, England beat America. You're supposed to be allies?

5) Blair, and Bush, have nothing to do with the English and American people. I know, for a fact, a majority of us hate both of these leaders.

6) I may sound like i'm bashing America here. But i'm not.
Please, please, please. Don't correct me when I spell color 'colour', don't tell me "It's mom, not mum" Don't tell me that it's "Soccer, not football." And don't, don't, don't tell me "You have a weird accent." Because you are speaking ENGLISH folks, and i'm afraid you have a much stranger accent to me. Although many English accents are strange, most of ours are normal enough.

7) Stop calling me "British, European or Eastern" And i'll stop calling you a "Yank." England, is not britain. Britain consists of Northern Ireland (not the republic), Wales, Scotland and England. I am British, but I am not technically from Britain, I am from England.

8) Make another film/tv show in which America makes fun of England, and I will come and stab you to death with a stereotypical English mary-fucking-poppins Umbrella.

9)English and American bands are no opposed. That's ridiculous. Green Day, an American band, declared England as their official home. Most English bands strive to make it big in England.

10) America did not technically 'save our asses', you came in near the end of the war to get credit.

11) Without England, there would be no America. You are all descended from some other country, as the only true Americans were native Americans (hence the name) and you/we pretty much wiped them out. Lots Americans are Irish or English anyway.

12) Don't make fun of the way I speak. I could EASILLY make fun of you, but I choose not to.


England and America need to get along.
Many say England only has a special relationship with America because we couldn't be arsed to learn French (Yes, I say arse. Ass = Type of mule/donkey. And by the way. Fanny = Vagina. Thanks.). If you look at it, America and England are similar in ways. There is nothing more wrong with either of those countries, any more than there is anything wrong with any other countries.
Not all Americans are gun-waving loonies, as it's now been said London is more dangerous than New-York.
Not all Englishmen are ugly, crooked toothed tea-drinkers. I hate tea.

Stop with the england vs america fight idiots.
by Amelia Jade May October 06, 2006
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Adding the point to "Her Most Royal Majesty"

#1 We arent eastern, Japan is the east, we are western, just not as western as you.
#2 So right you call us british, we call you earthlings? i mean according to your logic thats what you are, i mean believe it or not you must be from earth.
#3 We didnt give it the name soccer, that sounds crap, we called it football as you kick it with your feet, you changed it to soccer at some point? if we gave it that name how come us ENGLISH call it football?
#4 By former colonies helped us out, do you mean prevented a tyrant from taking over the world, doesnt sound like a "little squabble", any idea how many innocent people were killed?. And for your information and everyone elses , america did not save any one in world war 2, it was russia, they had the greatest losses and gave the biggest help by attacking the germans from the east, sandwhiching them, the americans did not attack from the east...
"hey you called it soccer"
"we called it football, you must've for what ever reason changed that perfect suitable name"

england vs america = china wins
by troller2418 June 22, 2010
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When Americans (or "yanks" what ever you prefer) say they aren't English but when someone says something in a foreign language they say " in English?" or "Speak English!" Just want to point that out by the way.
And the English is NOT eastern. We are western. Correction, Japan is the east. And I'm English so I would no if England is Japanese.
One last thing, England/Britain or the brits is NOT posh, snobby, clean, and drink tea all day and make horrible remarks sort of people, it is told that london, nottingham and scotland, wales are more dangerous then america like new york or something. Also we do NOT use long intellectual words or what ever, or write like it, example. Whatever- Wat ever, Here- ere, No- Na, Yes- yhh so on...And we do NOT have big teeth!!!

(yes i put arse not ass cause ass means a donkey.)
England vs America
by Pinkpot >.< March 20, 2011
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STOP STEALING OUR FUCKING SHOWS. and then saying it's a showtime original series.

seriously. get your own thought process. stop stealing britains.
england vs. america: tv shows america has stolen = shameless, skins, the office, american idol (originally pop idol), x-factor, america's got talent, life on mars, etc.
by nicole wotherland February 04, 2011
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Her Most Royal Majesty obviously has a low IQ. This is proved by her ridiculous definition.

1) The English language and French language are different. There is no possible way you could compare the two. Our language was great until you Americans butchered it.

2) I'm not really bothered if I get called English or British. Why don't you get over being called "yanks".

3) You don't really have the right to call it anything other than football. We invented it and we play it better. Go play baseball or something.

4) You guys think you're so heroic because you joined in the last year. You guys wouldn't be brave enough to stick up for countries like Poland.

5) What would you rather be doing? Living in a house, watching TV and be playing video games. Or living in a tipi, eating buffalo and watching the fire? That's what you would be doing if we hadn't shown up.

6) What do you care? You're just another typical, unintelligent yank (Oops, sorry. I meant American).

7) Majesty claims "I'm sure they were very happy to see Europeans coming to take their land." Read number 5.

Majesty is a fine example of why we Brits believe the Yanks to be a lower form of life.

Examples of England vs America,

1) Complaining because you know for a fact that if it wasn't for us, there'd be no America.
2) We invented it, shut up. Manchester United and Chelsea could hammer (beat by a large amount) any American "team".
3) Americans not being able to stop bitching about how we lost our colonies (we put up a good fight, lol).
England vs America, who wins? You decide!

(I vote for England)
by Nitrokausion May 08, 2008
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i think this says it all
i dont like tea
england vs america
by littlekidjon August 27, 2008
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