A physical, sometimes visable, ball of energy or chi from within a person. Can only be brought out with practice (like the practice of psionics) or extreme and unusual circumstances.
Last night, I don't know what happened but my hands just moved and I held an energy ball. Totally weird.
by Holly Booday July 4, 2005
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an invisible ball of energy that Sakhone, or the holder of, will move to the groove with.
Hey fool! Catch the energy ball.
by Chubs Noga April 13, 2005
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rapidly taking balls into your mouth, spitting them out and taking them back in repeatedly.
by bawlsdeep November 3, 2014
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The WORST boss fight gimmic ever in the history of gaming that needs to be destroyed
I just finished a long game of energy ball tennis
by dirteater November 19, 2016
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