End users that have been without dedicated IT support for too long, in an environment that is more complicated than the average end user can be expected to troubleshoot. This situation is why you have people photocopying monitor screens, or everyone in a dept. using the same email password(bonus points if it includes "1234" or "password".
That office is a write-off - Full of Feral End Users, as their IT admin quit 2 years ago. It would be cheaper to rip it all out and start from scratch.
by 2x1z November 13, 2017
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Burnt end are a down syndrome persons favourite food
Man: Hey Adam Libby whats ur favourite food?

by piggies fiddler May 21, 2023
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noun. Form of commenting on facebook whereby a string of bland or awkward comments, typically between two people, end with the last comment being 'liked', invariably due to the other person wanting the conversation to end.

origin: early 21st Century, based on burning the end of a rope to prevent further fraying.
facebooker A: "woa nice photo!!!"
facebooker B: "thanks xoxo hows u?"
facebooker A: "fine thnx lol!!! hey nice wether isnt it?"
facebooker B: "yea lmao why cant it be like this allll da time!"
facebooker A: "lulz ano right" (facebooker B likes this)

This ending is typical of a 'burnt end'.
by facebooker A and B June 12, 2011
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Your hoe is pissed about her rear end shitsplosion you caused, so she kicked you outta the house. So you’re drivin’ in yo car and you gotta rip a nasty one. You’re stuck in traffic so you go to squeeze out some gas. You put your windows down and the smell is so potent that the driver behind you becomes incapacitated and rear ends you. Surprise surprise, out comes poo. Karma is a smelly SOB.
Ty: Yo Bro you finna finish your story bout the splosion you caused?

Biggy: Yea Bro, so my wife kicked me outta the house and I went on a drive to blow off some steam. The Taco Bell I had last week finally hit my b-hole, so I went to rip some air and it smelled horrible. Went to put my windows down cuz I couldn’t breathe and it must have flown right into the nostrils of the buhl behind me. Dude ended up rear ending me (with his car) and I was so surprised, a Rear End Shitsplosion: Part 2 took place. Guess karma got the best of me.

Ty: I envy your life.
by Stoney69 December 23, 2020
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Man 1: ey man i heard that the team working on gta 6 got game ended
man 2: oh
by Jameison_Urban April 7, 2021
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Hatch end high school is for people who don't get into harrow high, cannons or Whitmore. It's all white rejects in here.

Hatch end High school is not based.
by Sergeant Knuckles February 1, 2022
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