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MMF or MMM Threesome. The two penetrating participants rub chili oil, powder or gel onto their members and then insert into the willing recipient of the 'burnt ends'.
'OH MY ASS IS ON FIRE. NOW MY MOUTH IS TOO. Nice burnt ends guys!'
by The Burnt January 03, 2013
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noun. Form of commenting on facebook whereby a string of bland or awkward comments, typically between two people, end with the last comment being 'liked', invariably due to the other person wanting the conversation to end.

origin: early 21st Century, based on burning the end of a rope to prevent further fraying.
facebooker A: "woa nice photo!!!"
facebooker B: "thanks xoxo hows u?"
facebooker A: "fine thnx lol!!! hey nice wether isnt it?"
facebooker B: "yea lmao why cant it be like this allll da time!"
facebooker A: "lulz ano right" (facebooker B likes this)

This ending is typical of a 'burnt end'.
by facebooker A and B June 12, 2011
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