Enby is a shortened version of the term non binary, non binary people identify out of the gender binary they are not female nor male people who identify as non binary often use they/them pronouns but they can also use she/her, he/him, neopronouns or any mix of the ones I just listed but they’re all valid so don’t misgender nonbinary folk or I will stomp your kneecaps in
“Hey, did you hear about jay?”

“Oh yeah, they got ms.g fired for misgendering them”
“Yeah never underestimate the power of an enby
by 𝔹𝑟ɪᑕ🄺 September 13, 2020
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How Hindi people says "Envy", since they pronounce "V" like everyone pronounce "B"
Don't be so Enby
by Sir. B August 20, 2020
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The phonetic way of spelling ‘NB’ which is a common abbreviation for ‘non-binary’. Non-binary people are people don’t identify as male or female. This is based on the idea that male/female constitutes a ‘gender binary’, which enbies are personally rejecting. Non-binary people are also sometimes referred to as ‘a-gender’
Person 1: “Is your friend a guy or a girl?”
Person 2: “I think they’re a biological guy, but they identify as an enbie.”
Person 1: “Oh okay, so that’s why they dress androgynous.”
Person 2: “yep, they prefer they/them pronouns”
by wublovah3000 February 27, 2021
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Non Binary/Gender Non Conforming peeps. They are so swag and cool. Plz, i say this is experience ;) I love them and if this is you reading it: I love you, you are valid and don't let any other peeps bring you down lol

It doesn't matter your pronouns if you're enby. :)
Nonbinary Peep: Hey! I'm enby :)
Me being swaggy swag: OMG NO WAY ME TOO
Nonbinary: :0
by no gender frog April 29, 2021
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Slang for the term non-binary which means a person identifying as they/them pronouns
Oh look an enby! They go by they/them pronouns and I support them!
by Narcissa_banks December 21, 2020
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That enbie is so enbie
by EvaDis May 13, 2021
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Someone who identifies and neither male nor female. Basically they went fuck gender or had it taken from them. Misgender an enby and I will come for you
“Did you hear that Nuka’s and enby now?”
“Yeah, Ranboo stole their gender”
by Nukaa September 9, 2021
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