The most handsome, amazing, funny, sexy, courageous, HUGE AND BUILT NICE, and also a ladies man. If you're friends with Nuka he will prolly give you a lot of money.
Damn you remind me of Nuka.
by Nukalol March 14, 2021
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The most beautiful woman in te world who loves family, even though they don't do what they should sometimes. Nuka is kind with a great heart, the most loving type person who always ha to have her way. Also nuka is is just the nickname she got when she was little. She has 1 on the way and a loving man to take care of her and her baby
by Zeeman98 December 21, 2016
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The greatest COD4 clan

The hippest word on the street that can be used in any way!

Officially written as NµKá but changed to Nuka for easy typing purposes.

Anything that associates with a person with the last name Acker.

Can also be a role call to your friends.
Guy 1: "Hey, what's up broski?"

Guy 2: "Nothin much, Nuka!"


Friend: "Where's Acker?!"
Acker: "Nuka!"
Friend: "Problem solved."
by jick nanicki September 10, 2008
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-Yo, how did you get those scars on your forehead

-Random Nuka attacked me
by Hellqimi January 13, 2019
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Nuka is the most amazing person ever. She is gorgeous and very charming. When Nuka laughs she gets a very cute rinkle on her nose. Everyone loves Nuka, she is very considerate and beautiful.
Wow! Did you see that girl on the dance floor?

Yea she was amazing! She must have been a Nuka!
by Hello I am funny November 11, 2017
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