This name is English. Men with this name. Clif (Clifton, Cliffton, Cliff) are generally very independent, strong, & driven. Men with this name can be over achIevers who spend many hours working. They are shy at first, but warms up quickly~ showers words of affirmation on the person they are intimate with; making them easy to fall in love with! May turn into a bedroom beast if coaxed in the right manner. Handsome, fun and loyal an overall great soulmate!
I really like my boyfriend, Clif, he is great!
by woopigsooie February 04, 2010
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That old VPN concentrator wasn't letting anyone in so I Cliffed it and made it my bitch.
by w0rdz August 05, 2015
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To talk/sing to one's self
He had a lonely time at lunch today. Yeah, he was just cliffing...
by Nerderific September 13, 2012
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when somebody makes a cracker of a joke, creating a glory moment similar to the epic feeling of stopping a motorbike on the edge of a cliff, then 'falls off' in the process of making another, this time lame, joke, as they go for too much glory.
Person #1: "You're so gay you make a circle look straight"

Crowd: "HA HA HA"

Person #1 (Feeling cocky): you're so gay you make a gay man look straight

Crowd: ...

Person #1's friend: "Mate, you just cliffed it"
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Stands for 'Caps lock is for squares'
Is used when a person/s is execivly using caps lock during a conversation.
Bob:Jeepers Creepers, CLIFS guys.
by Bob543 August 28, 2007
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when a female is wearing really short shorts and you could see the very bottom of her ass its called the clif
when i eat at hooters i see a lot of clifs
by yzmur April 13, 2004
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