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This name is English. Men with this name. Clif (Clifton, Cliffton, Cliff) are generally very independent, strong, & driven. Men with this name can be over achIevers who spend many hours working. They are shy at first, but warms up quickly~ showers words of affirmation on the person they are intimate with; making them easy to fall in love with! May turn into a bedroom beast if coaxed in the right manner. Handsome, fun and loyal an overall great soulmate!
I really like my boyfriend, Clif, he is great!
by woopigsooie February 04, 2010
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Stands for 'Caps lock is for squares'
Is used when a person/s is execivly using caps lock during a conversation.
Bob:Jeepers Creepers, CLIFS guys.
by Bob543 August 28, 2007
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when a female is wearing really short shorts and you could see the very bottom of her ass its called the clif
when i eat at hooters i see a lot of clifs
by yzmur April 13, 2004
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A man who is pretty much a jerk even though he is very hott and a freak in bed. He is a straight up man whore that all the girls want an he gives his self to most them. He has no feelings for anything but getting some ass.
Damn, that guy fucked his girlfriends mom he is such a clif.
by a g/f April 08, 2010
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this one dude who lives in Texas and has a rap label with some hot chick who lives in Vermont. Her name is Lindsay.
You;re such a clif!
by Lindsay October 27, 2003
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