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n: An emo, or emo-looking kid, who actually makes an attempt to mosh or hardcore dance respectably. He looks like a 'fag-ass' emo kid, listens to My Chemical Romance or perhaps even Panic! At The Disco, but he's at a underground show and is trying to prove himself. Hardcore punks think he's pathetic and are really surprised when they kick him and he kicks back harder.
Punk 1: "Dude, did you see that one Dorian kid at the show last week?"
Punk 2: "Haha, the one who listens to MCR and his hair fucking hangs over his eye all annoying and shit?"
Punk 1: "Dude, that little girlpants wearing shit gave Corey a huge bruise on his leg! Did you SEE it?"
Punk 2: "Fuck, THAT'S what that was from? It looked like he crashed into the drums again! That KID did that?"
Punk 1: "That 'kid' must be a fucking hardcore emosher. I guess we won't beat him up and leave him in the Starbucks dumpster."
Punk 2: "Aww man."
by MC Bella January 23, 2007
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