One who enjoys paintball and teabagging
Wow, that Sardo is one gay peice of shit.
by Mike June 30, 2004
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probably the gayest cunt in the world. He has zero friends, and believes he's good at volleyball, even though we all know he's fucking retarded. Unaturally small penis and he enjoys pleasing old men by sucking their dicks. Matt is a professional at the california steam train and enjoys the occasional spastic eagle. Overall probably the biggest faggot in the world and has probably the same amount of skill at volleyball as tore bempasciuto( also a gay cunt )
1. ''Hey matt galati sardo, is that old man cum on your face?''

2. Matt enjoys old mens dicks

3. ''It's Matt's turn to serve in volleyball'' ''Oh fucking hell, lucky were up by twenty points''
by alex griffin is a sick cunt November 12, 2010
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