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sort of like normal sex, except with a little more angst, tons of happy vodka or some other alcoholic drink, and blasting music in order to keep the moans drowned out, and the people having sex are usually best friends and both emo people.
emo sex is fun. go try it.
by lemmexeatxdaxfishy!! March 20, 2007
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A sweeter, more romantic form of sex.Not just your average get on ypur knees and fuck me.Oh no. It involves alot of slow kisses.But both parties must be emo.While listening to an emo band. suggested song:I caught fire by The Used.
Emo sex is so nice we should try it some time.
by DUDERUN! August 03, 2008
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emo sex is sex between two emo people. usually invoving alot more agnst then normal sex...people may think emos dont 'get much' but belive me they do...emos get alot of ass indeed.
this is ur tipical emo sex : emo girl walks in room and finds her emo boyfriend..."wanna have sex?" says the emo girl fliping her black hair to the side..."sure" says the emo boy...they start kissing and he takes out a condom the emo girl puts the condom on the emo boy... and sticks his cock in her...after they both cry...
by screamo_luver April 07, 2009
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When emo's write depressing poetry together then have sex while looking in the others eyes and crying while blood, from their recently slit wrists, stains the sheets.
Guy: Let's go have emo sex.
Girl: Ok, but i'm cutting you first...
by marmalation August 07, 2005
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Contrary to popular belief, emos do not actually have "Sex". In order for emos to reproduce, they must slit their own wrists(Sometimes the naughty ones will slit each others) and then exchange blood, thereby releasing Emocondriuns into the said "Emo"'s blood stream.
Emo Guy: Hey.. *Hair flip* wanna do some nasty Emo Sex..?
Emo Girl: Yeah.. sure.. *Double hair flip*...
Emo Guy & Girl: *Cuts their wrists and exchange blood, walking away crying and wanting to write Emoems*
by Lexle May 01, 2007
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