no I am not typing that again
Come on fuck me emo boy
by iminhellplshelpahhh July 2, 2024
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True emos! NOT alt kids with bunny hats who will tell you to kys. Emo Poofs are REAL emos who like REAL emo stuff.
emo poofs HATE lil peep and Lolita punks !!
OMG I see a emo poof lets throw marshmallows at them!!
by sanriocide June 25, 2021
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To get a emo dog you can buy by calling 911 for free I emo dog siblings are usually jojo Siwa 2.0 and jake paul, every single Emo dog must have hairy legs, A Emo dog knows how to talk emo dogs do not walk on 4 ,emo dogs craft belly button rings
Emo dogs are allowed to go to a bar
by Emodogjojo20 December 29, 2022
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The "Emo Swing" is the act of someone hanging him or herself/death by hanging. It's used sarcastically as a way of saying someone's going to kill him or herself.
"How I feel? Other than wanting to do the Emo Swing I'm fine."
by I Wanna Kill Myself July 16, 2017
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