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Decaying city of manufacturing. State assistance hell. You live in Elyria? Teenage mothers.
Babys mamas drama at the Elyria mall!!
by jasha June 22, 2006
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A city in Ohio in the Cleveland area.

Elyria is urban and depressed for the most part and can be broken down into 4 areas. The Northside, Southside, Eastside and Westside. The Northside and Eastside are a mix of urban and suburban but nice and mostly white. The Westside has some bad areas and some good areas. The Southside is poor, ghetto and is not safe at all. South elyria is very urban and has a very high crime rate with regular shootings and open air drug markets, 90% of the people who live down there are drug dealing thugs. Similar to the city of Lorain.
Person 1: "Did you hear they're building a new high school in Elyria?"
Person 2: "Yeah and it's about damn time because that school was from the 1800's and it was broken down when my great grandma went there"
Person 1: "It's too bad they're keeping it on the southside though, no rich white kids will go south of 4th street"
by ignantyoungn November 19, 2009
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a city usually known as E-town, is basically full of "my baby's momma drama", lack of money and jobs, drugs....... and nasty girls who think there somebody there not.......
I'm 15 and Ive only slept with 20 guys in Elyria.
by K-tot August 25, 2008
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