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the sound a cow makes
the cow will moo if you annoy it.
by xxThinkOfYou July 23, 2009

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Elyria Catholic is located in Elyria, Ohio. Elyria Catholic is the high school for which most students come from other Junior highs such as St. Jude's, St. Mary's, sometimes even Open Door's. This is a high school where majority of the student's are smart asses and potheads. They usually have good grades, but there are also the few that fall behind and start to fail due to hating the damn fucked up rules and teachers there. Elyria Catholic is full of preppy bitches, and athlete's, and people trying to get into mini ivy-leagues such as Dennison College, Dartmouth College, etc. The school has more pot going around in it then Elyria High School, it's complete bullshit. There's a little bit of baby mama drama, and the school sucks. Everybody that goes there knows it, and does not like the school. WOO.
John: Let's go in the bathroom.
Karl: Why? You got some pot?
John: You know it!
Karl: Aiight, I could use a loosen up 'cause I just found out that Dennison didn't except me because I failed my AP chemistry at Elyria Catholic in my 2nd year here.
John: Awe, that sucks man. I got into Dartmouth!
Karl: Lucky ass bastard.
by xxThinkOfYou August 30, 2010

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