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Most pretentious crap musician ever, none of his lyrics are any good or mean anything; incredibly dull. Fake emotion and very self-indulgent crappy music. Also a racist as he condones Oliver Cromwell's violence against the Irish and refers to the Irish as "white niggers" in his song Oliver's Army. By far the lamest musician to ever walk this Earth. Elvis Costello isn't even his real name, plus it sucks as a pseudonym; and it's totally ripping off Elvis Presley. worthless cunt. he is also a flaming (closeted) racist

Also, the guy is a geek. And he can't sing and totally lacks personality, his music says nothing about life or the real world. Just simple fun and games type of songs. The guy is also a weirdo.
Elvis Costello is the most overrated and crappiest "punk rock" musician of all time. his music is some of the most lamest and annoying crap I've ever heard in my life. goddammit i cannot stand that greasy fucker
by Cajun Society 4 Life September 16, 2019

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Black people. The race that always complains about how they don't get their way. Ignoring the fact that white people have given them everything. More and more reparations. What more do they want?
Black people are such hypocrites.

Black people are the most hypocritical race.
by Cajun Society 4 Life June 13, 2020

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An overly superfluous, pompous, rich asshole British supremacist that has connections to the British monarchy, government and royal family. Generally, they are Protestants: usually Episcopal or Presbyterian. They tend to exploit American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander, Francophone's and Irish citizens very vehemently.

Usually in North America, they live in New England states in the USA or throughout non-Francophone Canada. (especially Ontario or British Columbia).

WASP's are not actually Anglo-Saxons at all, nor are they Normans. (English people) They are actually Jews (or Turkic "Khazars") that only intermixed with Anglo-Saxon Germans of Northeast England, and then later French Huguenot. (Protestants that escaped from France to avoid Catholic persecution.) They are either secretly Jewish people or British that act like Jews. (supporting Israel and using Britain as a vehicle to rape and destroy other nations. etc. Especially America, Canada and Ireland.)

WASP are the scum of the Earth, and the real reason why most people have a problem against white people. (they all assume that white people are of the rich WASP type. But I am a Cajun and am middle class, but I can totally understand the Irish hatred against the British.)
WASP's tend to be Zionists and British supremacists. (and hypocritically act similar to the Nazi Germans that they loathed. hmn, how bizarre.) They are known for their extreme and vehement hatred of Irish people also, once calling the Irish people "white niggers" during the Cromwell wars.

Those WASP assholes nearly genocided my French colonist ancestors! If it were not for Spain saving Acadian refugee's; I would not be alive today! And now the Brits want to call truce and apologize to us? As well as the Irish? Well, they're gonna need a lot of ass-kissing and reparations in order to do that!
by Cajun Society 4 Life September 18, 2019

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