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1.EX fiancee of Gerard Way, amazing frontman of My Chemical Romance and writer of The Umbrella Academy
2.Term used among some My Chem fans for a backstabber, or skanky bitch.
1. "Gerard was engaged before Lyn-z?" fan 1
"Yes, her name was eliza cuts" fan 2"
by Darth Puggious November 07, 2008
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Eliza Cuts
ex-fiance/girlfriend of MCR frontman Gerard Way.
Often used by MCR fans to describe a two-timer,backstabber,racist or skank. She used 2 be a hairdresser for MCR.
are you still going out with >insert name here<
yeah but im still with >insert someone elses name here<
by MCR-forever-emo-never June 28, 2009
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A hairdresser who owes much of her fame to the fact that she's part of the "World's Most Hated Crew." This is a group of friends who feel victimised by the fact that some of My Chemical Romance's fans loathe them for a variety of reasons, mostly ridiculous, such as they're dating one of the band members.

She is allegedly involved with the leadsinger of the aformentioned band, and is generally a private citizen, except to the border line obsessive fans that hate her. However, her and the rest of the World's Most Hated, seem desperate to gain any sort of fame, as they have retaliated to these mentally unstable fans by creating an entire webpage and community, where desperate fans can try and befriend them in the pathetic hope of becoming friends with their friends.
World's Most Hated/Eliza Cuts:- I hate being famous

Rest of the world, except psychopathic My Chemical Romance fans :- You don't have to worry about that

Psychopathic fans:- we want to kill you or be your best friend so that one day you might invite us to a gig and let us touch the band...
by Lucindaxxx June 01, 2007
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Fiance of Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance. She is/was their stylist and is the most adorable little thing. They met on Warped Tour while Eliza was cutting hair for fans and bands.

No, she is not fat, haters. If you think she's fat, you are fat. If you think she's ugly, you are ugly. The end. They will have beautiful babies.
God, Eliza Cuts is so pretty.
by Camila and Aleks June 04, 2007
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