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Factory electrotech who converts enormous quantities of doughnuts, pizza, and other staples into intermittent, invisible clouds of noxious, methane-infused biohazard, and then laughs heartily as he observes others discovering the slow spread of his stench.
Oh! Shit! Was that you, you electrian?
by Fidel Awesome-o March 22, 2007
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A person who is proficient in matters concerning electricity, including wiring; motors and drives; instrumentation; lighting; programmable logic controllers. Typical electrians are recruited from the ranks of stinking factory workers. Electrians are famous for there ability to eat enormous quantities of doughnuts and pizza. Electrians sell their children for whiskey.
My computer wasn't computin' so I called for an ELECTRIAN and he came by and couldn't fix it but he looked real good doing it and sounded so smart that I'm sure he must be a genius !!
by Dave Wiggins March 17, 2007
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The planet Electrian, found in the Great Doughnut Galaxy where electrians frolick and is ruled by the Grand Emperor Electrian, Mahatma of the Universe, Beloved Shepherd of the 8th Dimension ( electrianism ), and Protector of the Toothless.
" If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll be dragged away to the planet Electrian and be enslaved as a mindless electrian.
by Dave Wiggins January 21, 2008
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