A symbol representing a biological hazard is around, take extreme precautions to this sign, area's may be contaminated...
My tattoo is a biohazard symbol.
by Blicka January 1, 2006
Resident Evil in Japan. While the name in the U.S. is Resident Evil, it's also known as Biohazard in Japan.
Dude yesterday I got Biohazard 4 for my Gamecube... man it kicks so much ass...
by RTJ1987 January 27, 2006
The sickest guitarist in the world, from Blind Deaf.
Yo, did you hear Blind Deaf last night? Yeah, Biohazard fucking wailed!!!
by jklava October 7, 2007
A slutty female who has a lot of sex with a lot of different men without the use of a condom. She is presumed to have a lot of STD's. She uses her body as a biological weapon by spreading diseases through sexual intercourse.
Dang that girl is a biohazard! Don't sleep with her or you might catch chlamydia.
by Bubblz April 4, 2014
A decent rap metal band. Sounds like a mix between PanterA and Beastie Boys.
by [mike] May 30, 2005
A Counter Strike Zombie Mod. Games go like this:

1.A few seconds after the game starts, a random player will turn into a zombie.
2.Every other person who is hit by the zombie will become a zombie.
3.Continues until only zombies are left, or zombies are all killed by humans.

Humans often gather in places that are hard to reach, or build human towers to get on top of large boxes.
Zombies are granted extra health and greater speed.
We were playing Biohazard, and everybody was in the pipe on cs_assault when suddenly one guy turned into a zombie and infected everyone else.
by Red Skelly July 11, 2008
A group of Rock Band players (aka, Faggots, Trolls) who love to add horrible players to the team according to the rock band community. These horrible players include the shirtless retard, the British kid who is allergic to chocolate, the emotionless kid with the bowl shaped haircut, the Indian fag with the tiny legs, the pothead who keeps a handful of sand in his pocket, and the fat retard who makes a living off of taking pretzels off of a moving belt. Team Biohazard is also known as Team Bio, Team BioFriends, Team BioTrolls, Team DinoHazard and Team BioRacist.
YouTuber 1: Did you hear Team Biohazard got a Full Band FC of "Hey John, What's Your Name Again?"

YouTuber 2: Who cares?
by ShirtlessTard July 19, 2010