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The name usually strikes you as a type of foreign flower. Elain is a girl that you meet in the most randomest way,,, she will open up to you and disscuss her problems and you have to be understanding cuz thats the way she will be with you and the most amazing thing about her is that she doesnt judge,,,she instead gives you advice and ACTUALLY deadass cares about your situation,,,,you can say anything about this girl.....but you cant say that shes fake. She takes matters into her own hANDS, she is like your secondary mother. She might use the word "concern" alot but its one of those things that makes her unique and corny. NOT ONLY is she attractive and has a killer bod, but shes one of the most amazing people to get to know,,,,,so if you hear the name "Elain" somewhere,,,,,dont miss the opportunity of asking her how her day was. Oh and shes usually a Chinese chick.
"Oh did Tania rat on yo ass,,well know who wont,,,,Elain..Das right bitches she straight wich cho ass".
by Galactic Dick Holster April 23, 2018
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A very nice big hearted person, she is the best friend anyone could ask for. Elains are very beautiful, nice, kind and really smart. If you ever need someone you know you can always count on her to lighten up your day. Elain is usually a dark haired girl with really curly hair, she is the best person you can have in our life. She not only the funniest person you know but one of the most adventurous, and really outgoing person. Her personality is one of a kind you could never find someone who is better then her.
elain is so cute.
by :):):)1232 June 18, 2018
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Elain is goddesss she is Beautiful she is brave she is special and unique in her own kind of way she can be known to be stubborn but she is funny loving etc.
Elain is a beautiful young women’s name.
by Laniye May 22, 2018
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A person that is intelligent and fun and outgoing EXCEPT she HATES ME which is weird cause im awsome and im typing this on a school computer while ryan is bbf's with her and i have no friends except me but....... (when i look at her it makes me whant to cry not because she's fat and ugly its because her head resembles an onion
when you are in art class and Elain she tells you to shut up and Ryan calls you a kiwi and go suck a nut
by RadioAwsomenessX May 08, 2018
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