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phonetic varation of "idiot" commonly spoken in ireland and some parts of uk
ye feckin ejit

Comment submitted: "I don't want to add another definition because this is the best. Having said that I, of course, don't want to delete it!!

I'd like to add 'ye daft ejit' as an alternative example for this definition. It was the most common 'ejit' phrase when I was growin up."
by david July 24, 2003
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An Irish slang word used to describe some-one who is or acts like an idiot
"ya feckin ejit" "stop acting like an ejit" "your an ejit" etc.............
by Fidelers elbow May 12, 2006
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Luke112 from LP's Thorn Tree. Also see asshole.
Who's the bloke pissin on the electric fence. He's a bloody ejit.
by Uncle Owen January 15, 2004
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