Sex between eight people at once.
Hannah was sitting home alone when 7 boys showed up at her door. Each was shirtless and she smiled as they walked straight upstairs to her bedroom. On the way up she began stripping and tossing her clothes down. As she entered her room, the boys were sitting there waiting for her. She began kissing each one as she stripped them individually. After the boys were all naked they decided to take turns eating her out. By the time they all had a turn, Hannah had already orgasmed twice. Now she laid down and took one dick in each hand, giving two boys handjobs. She gave another boy a blowjob and then allowed one guy to penetrate her vaginally, another anally. Finally, the last two boys were each sucking on one of her breasts, simultaneously jerking off with their free hands. The two receiving handjobs came onto her face as the one receiving a blowjob came into her mouth and the two sucking her tits came on her stomach. She swallowed and then rubbed the cum off her stomach and face and ate that too. She orgasmed in pleasure as the two penetrating her thrusted at the same time. Now, all the boys switched positions and this continued until each boy had a turn in each positions. The night ended with Hannah's 13th orgasm as the boys left one by one by eating her out. It was the best eightsome in history.
by Flyingtrash June 24, 2017
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