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Used to coerce someone in do doing something they are refusing to do, such as anal sex, bonging a six-pack at once, or playing that eigth game of beer pong.

Usually follows a yelled "DON'T BE!"
"I don't want another beer. I am sooo drunk."
"DON'T BE scurred!"
by Binford April 15, 2003
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variation of onion

When an American male hits on foreign women, emphasizing mainly aspects about himself that are uniquely American.
Look at that guy putting the reverse onion on that Australian girl. He's telling her that he's a football playing, army ranger, cowboy.
by Binford August 9, 2003
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The quality of being a loser or bad at something. Lame.
You want to come to the party? That is hurt. Stop being such a hurtbag!
by Binford August 9, 2003
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Quit being a hurtbag and take some shots!
by Binford August 9, 2003
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A sex act in which two guys are giving it to a girl, one from behind and one in the mouth and they exchange a high-five over her, so it looks like the eifel tower.
Dude, she's a total whore, she's been Eifel Towered
by Binford August 13, 2003
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Variation of fist used when the situation is especially painful. Getting two fists at the same time.
So your landlord evicted you? That's really a double fist.

He totaled his car and blew a .23 when the cops came, thus getting the double fist.
by Binford August 9, 2003
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Derogatory term used for anyone who is stupid, lame, annoying, or an asshole. See also douchebag and douche.
by Binford August 9, 2003
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