To look for onself on the Internet. Also known as googlebate.
It's not a bad idea to egosurf the Internet periodically to see if your crazy ex-girlfriend is blogging about you to the entire world.
by damaje July 1, 2008
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To search the internet for mentions of oneself.
Person A:Where's Janelle?
Person B:Off egosurfing the porn sites.
by Sean September 25, 2003
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A collection of people who mainly enjoy egosurfing, they may also be interested in bacon, sand and herpes for typically unknown reasons
Look at those guys over there with their bacon,sand and herpes sandwiches, looking themselves up on google, what a bunch of egosurfers
by yhvh March 4, 2008
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Surfing the net for data or pages about yourself.
After 3 hours of egosurfing I'm having a bad case of the Dorito Syndrome
by Mudit January 31, 2005
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