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Species of environmental activist (Gimius Limelitius), that sadly is nowhere near the endangered list. Considers itself waaay above any kind of requirement to deal in accurate information, to think rationally, or to treat the opposition fairly. Exists across a range of habitats, including fields of actually or allegedly transgenic crops (preferred activity: uprooting), banks of TV cameras (preferred activity: indulging in purple and impassioned pleas to rest of population that generally involve mentioning children) and rooms set aside for public debate with scientists (preferred activities: screaming, name calling, pulling hair and storming out in a huff). Its favourite habitat, though, is up a tree, preferably as high a tree as possible and especially one that stands along the route of a planned motorway. The species reproduces itself by way of books and websites featuring the kind of fuzzy logic once associated with the likes of Charles Berlitz. It associates mostly or entirely with its own kind and its only predator is Homo Scientificus Rationalis, or so it claims. Often covered in carbuncles, some of which may be mistaken for quartz crystals, and may smell musky or musty, depending on the weather. Claims to be herbivorous. Among biologists, opinion is divided between whether this species represents part of the order of mammals, or that of reptiles. Others say there is just something fishy about it.
Look at those ego-warriors, uprooting your man's sugar beet and claiming to be out to save the Earth.
by Fearman August 15, 2007
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a sanctimonious toss pot who usually claims to be an anarchist or protestor.
usaully sporting their own BRAND of anti fasion
can be found in universities and job centres across the nation
frequenters of the Rave/Free Party scene where they wage psychic and, occasionally, physical ASSAULT on each other
likes to CONSUME substances usually banned by the government that cause DEATH to people in developing countries who meet the DEMAND to supply.
can be found in local beauty spots partying and generally POLLUTING the land the wish to claim back from the gentry.

although claiming to be anti capitalist and anti-religion, these folk will cling to their own set of idealistic DOGMA'S like a catholic to their hail mary's n will sell you drugs cut with terrible shit to ensure they get theirs for free whilst making a tidy PROFIT on their initial outlay.
hippy1: "hey man, i really don't agree with the wars in the middle east over religion and oil"
hippy2: "yeah, if only more people were like us the world would be a much safer place. hey, lets go score our AFGHANI black n RUSSIAN MDMA for this party tonight"
passer by to friend: " heard those ego-warriors?"
by ilikebighairysailors1 December 11, 2010
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"Ego Warrior" is a play on the phrase "Eco Warrior". It aptly describes those who selflessly 'save the planet', and get a bit of an ego boost in the process. An ego warrior typically likes to point out their heroic feats to everyone within earshot - drawing attention to their sacrifice - and thereby emphasising how little other mere mortals are doing.
Newman chained himself to some machinery this morning - and is now wearing an adult nappy, as he's not sure when the filth are coming to bolt-cut him off! Newman is such an ego warrior.
by HaloBetty June 30, 2017
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