A girl who dresses mostly in black, probably skates, wears beanies, wears Vans, probably has depressing songs on her playlist and wears chains around their neck. Some are attention seeking girls and some are just trying to live their own life.
”Oh she has so many sad songs on her playlist. She must be an egirl”
”She is seeking attention through tik tok so she is probably an egirl”
by LonelyButThriving April 15, 2019
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E-girl is a nice girl who spend a lot of time on the internet. Can be use negatively and positively. Since most egirls tend to be relatable due to having the same interest as guys(playing videos games, hanging out on discord etc) a lot of guys end up liking them. This can lead to being hated on and misunderstood and people end up hating on them due to this.
Positive: Elly is such a nice egirl she knows what's up
Negative: Maria is such an egirl she flirts with all the guys.
by egirlexpert March 12, 2019
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A girl who’s life is on tik tok, their style is mostly emo. striped shirt with t-shirt over it. dark ripped jeans or shorts w/ a belt. wears beanies. probably has doc martens. wears plenty of chains. puts shapes under eyes with eyeliner. wears a lot of blush. knows how to skate but if not then just pretends to. Has a crush on lilhuddy or other e-boys. probably fake depressed.
Hey, did you hear about how all the girls on tik tok are turning into an e-girls?

Yes, in fact I am an e-girl now. I love listening to lil peep and using everyone as my personal therapist.
by ᒪᑌᗷᑌ16 April 06, 2019
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An E girl is a commonly misused word. Gaining its popularity from the app tiktok, its meaning comes from gamer girl thots who use their vagina and titties to get attention from gamer boys. A common e girl might ask gamer boys to carry them and rise their ranks in video games in exchange for their premium snap.
I met this E Girl who wants me to carry her, she has a premium snap join the party.
by uwu.org May 29, 2019
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The original definition of e-girl has been skewed. An e-girl is actually a girl who is a gamer, or uses her bodies to stream like amouranth or pink sparkles.

People have been starting to alter the original definition of e-girl to “emo girl” which is stupid. if someone puts hearts under their eyes or wears dark eyeliner they aren’t an e-girl. Don’t get confused! E-girl and emo-girl are NOT the same thing!
Bob: That one girl who wears goth clothes and hearts under her eyes is such an egirl!
Tim: egirl doesn’t mean emo girl bob, pokimane is an egirl, basically a slut streamer.

Bob: thanks Tim! Didn’t know the word has been changed.
by @thiccmoira April 22, 2019
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E-girl; (Noun)

An e-girl is a girl on a spectrum of emo and goth but more kawaii type style. They were a lot of black and hearts on their eyes. They are edgy in a way, and are most popular on TikTok. Mostly companioned with a E-boy boyfriend.
“Wow that girl shopping in Hot Topic was SUCH an E-girl.”
by mrs.sandman November 21, 2019
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Girl who plays video games and says she’s just a gamer, usually never the case. Also relatively bad at video games but guys still want that “epussy”.
Damn Jasmine is such an egirl smh.
by yrn.gutierrez August 07, 2019
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