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a word that describes or expresses elation, being overjoyed, excited or incredibly pleased with somthing or an accomplshment. Rarely used in a sentence it is usually used to tag a picture or a post which you are incredibly excited about or agree with. Would also describe having a huge smile of delight; eeep is usually followed with an exclamation mark. eeep!

"couldn't be happier" would acurately describe eeep!
ex. you may post a picture of your new puppy on facebook and in the description you would only write; eeep!
by br3ak0ut February 03, 2012
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A word used to show excitement, enthusiasm or deep joy. Normally said in a high picthed voice by males and females.
Person 1: That girl you like is going to the party tonight, and I heard when she drinks she gets frisky.

Peson 2: eeep!
by spoonface2011 January 26, 2012
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when something amazing happens...or just something you feel/think is amazing..
also just another word for omg!
eeeps!...the moment was perfect
eeeps! your to cute!
by GENNy! January 09, 2009
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A contracted convention (derived from "Electronic Peeps", a euphemism for "Electronic Friends and Associates") referring to a community of related internet users who confuse anonymous, online interaction with human friendship and true community. Generally used derisively or defensively.
"Scott can't make the ballgame tonight because he's playing Second Life with his Eeeps."
by Peter Guillam October 27, 2006
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