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Sexual play that is very extreme in nature. Said to be on the edge of safety and sometimes even sanity. Can be very dangerous if not practiced correctly.

Ex: breathplay, bloodplay, humiliation play, Total Power Exchange (TPE), rape roleplay.
He wanted to try something new to get his adrenaline going, so he suggested some form of edgeplay.
by The Infamous Echo April 24, 2008
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refers to rough and deviant sex play, intercourse and foreplay
"Sticking a gun in your cunt for fun, faking making believe I'm raping you choking you makes you cum, it's edge play, fuck around and murder you by mistake and leave you dead in the bed slayed."
lyrics from "Who's Yo Daddy" by Necro
by the original psych ward March 11, 2008
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Sexual play which is an extreme form of BDSM, generally the two partners agree to not set a 'safety word' and gives total power to the dominant over the submissive. Results can include minor/major permanent injuries, or death if not practiced correctly.

Many forms of this are around, breathplay (erotic asphyxiation), knifeplay (playing with knives), gunplay (guns), blood/cutting play (deliberate cuts to draw blood).

Not often seen and praticed but generally most people who pratice this, do so in a consensual way.
Did you hear? Jim died while while him and his spouse were praticing edgeplay.
by FurryFalconer September 30, 2010
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Playfully stroking, proding, or caressing anywhere on a woman from the labia to the inner thigh with your erect, twitching cock, prior to full penetration.

If the mood is right and you are well practiced, your girl will be driven wild, since the act of postponing full penetration only adds to the overall anticipation.
As I stroked my penis around my girls inner thigh she could not take the edge play anymore and begged me to enter her!
by Ryd June 26, 2006
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