In videogame contexts, it refers to how convincingly the handling of weapons is portrayed. Whether there is realistic recoil, reloading, and other gun mechanics.
Immortal Redneck had crap gunplay before, it felt like you were shooting with a BB gun. But since the latest update the guns now pack a punch!
by Kelvets June 16, 2017
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The act of using a firearm to inflict harm upon others;
An act of retribution or violence;
See bust a cap
If you don't give me poontang, ho, there is going to be straight-up gunplay on your dome.
by Biff McKallister March 16, 2005
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What Gilbert Arenas does during his downtime at work.
"The only thing I enjoy more than gambling at work, is gunplay.
by drzimo February 6, 2010
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He wasn't really in the mood until she pulled a pistol and started a little gunplay.
by PumpkinMasterCrowe November 24, 2008
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A rapper from MMG that constantly gets his ass whooped for talking shit. Officer Ricky's hype man, who is also untalented, has an addiction to cocaine and should just get a day job.
Did you see Gunplay at the BET Hip-Hop Awards? Yeah, I saw him, G-Unit beat the breaks of his monkey ass!!!

Did you see that video of him getting pealed of the concrete like a cartoon character after getting knocked the fuck out? Yeah bro, he needs to stop talking shit!
by I'm just sayin'! October 8, 2012
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Term for when you get killed by an opponent running full speed in a game with shooting mechanics that require precision and slow movement (valorant, csgo, etc.)
“This Reyna just killed me with a running headshot
“You got precise gunplayed”
by AlexanderTheNotSoGreat May 20, 2021
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The act of placing ones cock on another mans possessions and then revealing this fact after/during use of said property.
Hey man ... how does that sandwich taste ? because when you went downstairs it was involved in some turkish gunplay.
by culinarythug February 5, 2010
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