ECU stands for Edith Cowan University is in Alexander Dr Mt Lawley Near Perth Zoo.
I saw ECU when we were going to Perth Zoo on Alexander Dr in Mt Lawley!
by LuigiMember1! May 20, 2016
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Proposal from the British government in 1990 to avoid the single European Currency. The Hard ECU would have been a common – not a single - currency, and circulate side by side with national currencies.
That's the course Britain has chosen, in proposing the hard Ecu as a common European currency alongside national currencies, so that people can choose which to use. Ours is the only fully worked-out proposal for the next stage which has been tabled and I pay tribute to the City's part in developing it. - Margaret Thatcher
by Teddy Kennedy November 10, 2007
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Stands For emergency care unit
Suck it em, ecu is a thing and you need to go to it
by Willseesyou December 15, 2015
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an easy way of saying Ejaculation Clear Up low-key turns me on when a guy cums in my mouth oh umm i didn’t mean to expose myself like that
by african butt fucker December 07, 2021
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