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Misspelling of "ebullient" :
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bul·lient (ĭ-bo͝ol′yənt, ĭ-bŭl′-)
1. Zestfully enthusiastic.
2. Boiling or seeming to boil; bubbling.
Latin ēbulliēns, ēbullient-, present participle of ēbullīre, to bubble up : ē-, ex-, up, out; see ex- + bullīre, to bubble, boil.
e·bul′lient·ly adv.
Usage Note: Traditionally, ebullient is pronounced (ĭ-bŭl′yənt), with a short u in the second syllable, as in gull. This is apparently still the preferred pronunciation in British English. In American English, the pronunciation (ĭ-bo͝ol′yənt), with the second syllable like bull, is now equally common.
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ebullient (ɪˈbʌljənt; ɪˈbʊl-)
1. overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement; exuberant
2. boiling
C16: from Latin ēbullīre to bubble forth, be boisterous, from bullīre to boil1
eˈbullience, eˈbulliency n
eˈbulliently adv
Collins English Dictionary)

1. overflowing with enthusiasm, excitement, or vivacity; high-spirited; exuberant.
2. bubbling up like a boiling liquid.
e•bul′lience, e•bul′lien•cy, n.
e•bul′lient•ly, adv.
Her ebulent (ebullient) nature was unstoppable.
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