1. the essence of dark skin that is enriched and plentiful with melanin. greatness. beauty. love. the word derives from the dark hardwood native to southern India and Sri Lanka. often referred to by person or skin tone.

2. your man's favorite porn section.
ebony is beautiful
by beautywonderss November 4, 2014
Smart, successful, go getter , top 100 woman to make in any field, classy, wife and mother material, loves family and friends, kindhearted
Ebonie is a sweet person and so down to earth ! I am glad I am friends with ebonie. My wife Ebonie take good care of me and the kids.
by Skylit December 20, 2016
A person of supreme skill and beauty
by ArticleX August 10, 2003
The sexiest piece of chocolate you ever will find! Some people may not get her at first but once you're hooked its hard to get her off your mind. In one word G O R G E O U S

Willie: Man I need a girlfriend that last chick was whack!

Ben: You need to get you a Eboni, man they bad!
by itme2010 November 19, 2010
The definition of a dark skin tone. Ebony people are also referred to as black or colored. The word derives from the dark hardwood native to southern India and Sri Lanka.
Asian, White, Ebony.... there were people from any race and nationality - Awesome!!!
by Mashika May 29, 2007
She is the kindest , loyal , funny , unique girl you will ever meet . If you have an Eboni in your life DONT TAKE HER FOR GRANTED !!! Don't cross her or else ...
Eboni is amazing
Bib cheated on Eboni , Bob is now dead
by Eboniisamazeballs January 12, 2020
There’s so much to say about an Eboni. Let’s just start off by saying she isn’t a basic bitch by spelling her name Ebony. I used to say nobody is perfect until I met and Eboni, they are so kind, funny and most definitely gorgeous. If you ever find yourself in a relationship or be lucky enough to be her friend consider yourself lucky and make sure you cherish ever moment with her. They have so many talents such as singing, acting dancing and fortnite. She isn’t like everyone else which makes her extremely special. The boys don’t normally tell her that they fancy her, but they 1000% do!

She sometimes feels insecure about her features just make sure you remind her how pretty she is because she is an absolutely stunner.

E- Extraordinary

B- Beautiful

O- OWO / Outstanding

N- Nourishing

I- Interesting

However, don’t get on the wrong side of an Eboni. She can kill you in one punch or even a wink of an eye. Make sure you keep her happy by feeding her and giving her the sleep she needs or R.I.P.

They take their zodiac star signs very seriously so never tell her that her sign is shit or else.

In conclusion, boys she’s a keeper.
“I slept with an Eboni and OMG it was the best.”
Declan got on the wrong side of Eboni, Declan is now dead.
by Louis <3 eboni June 9, 2019