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Smart, successful, go getter , top 100 woman to make in any field, classy, wife and mother material, loves family and friends, kindhearted
Ebonie is a sweet person and so down to earth ! I am glad I am friends with ebonie. My wife Ebonie take good care of me and the kids.
by Skylit December 19, 2016
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ebonie , a type of hot , beautiful person and always tends to give good blow jobs ;) , ebonie the name came from some shit hole village from the middle of no where , ebonie is an amazing name , and always will be !
" thats ebonie lets go talk to her ! , NOW , hahaha ok " ebonie
by not so random September 24, 2011
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a girl who sleeps with matress delivery men. she kills washrooms for fun and restrains inmates who upset her. she has also had poo thrown at her on one occassion.
i just got shit thrown in my face and it tastes like caramel. im gonna go bang mario the delivery guy to deal with my shame. im such an ebonie.
by lupe69 July 03, 2011
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black nigger negro booty informal name for a black person.
2.a person with a great back side.
"she has an ebonie booty"
by Aliriaa July 24, 2008
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