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A full 10/10 chick. Sensitive, sweet and fine to the bone . she caring and knows how to handle her man.
Eg: Ebele bella is my kind of girl.
by Mr Martins March 21, 2017
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Chill girl, with a nice body, somewhat athletic. Shes gorgeous without even trying, but when she does, everyone drops dead. She's always smiling and super nice to everyone she meets. Everyone's knows her. but deep down shes got problems and secrets of her own. And even though everyone knows her, she opens up to only certain people. Don't get her mad bc all hell will break lose. She has trust issues but at the same she'll always be there for the people she loves, no matter what.
Boy: yo check out that chick
Boy 2: bro that's Ebele

Boy: damn she's beautiful
by Jackie4563 July 17, 2017
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