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A man who is very funny, physically fit, and is rarely bored. You can always trust his word, and if he wants you to know he cares about you, he will make sure you find out. He may have a difficult time expressing his feelings, but that isn't an issue, because he is a very brave man who is ready to try anything. Even if it means hugging someone when he hasn't hugged anyone for years. Eamonn is a very intelligent man with many talents, and he is also very practical and more mature than most men you meet. He has most likely been bullied many times in the past, and is suffering a little now because of it. Despite the bullies, Eamonn is one of the best types of guys to run into, and you'd be lucky to find one.
guy 1: That guy over there is so smart and he looks so athletic!
girl: Omg he is so handsome and nice! I wonder name could fit him?
guy 2: Oh yeah, that's my best friend Eamonn, he's awesome. Want me to introduce you?
both girl and guy 1: TOTALLY! :)
by jessieloves......paiden June 03, 2017
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Name deriving from the Irish culture, A true lady's man, tough, smart, & physically fit. Ready for anything and can easily out drink a normal American or any others. Fearless an any situation, determined and ready for anything coming his way.
Person1: That guy over there came from the marines didn't he?

Person2: Yeah thats Eamonn watch out though he's a bad ass.
by The TwoFaceTony January 03, 2010
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A person who has a one inch chode he is a gay man that likes to eat cheese for breakfast he also wears socks in bed and has porridge as a midnight snack his mum claps when the plane lands hit him with the no u.
Look at that persons mum clapping : yeah he is a Eamonn what a gat
by Beefmonstermunchpacket November 07, 2018
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