An expression that’s usually used whenever something depressing or something hard to swallow is said by someone. It is usually used during dark humor or when someone gets roasted.
Person: I would hit you, but that would be animal abuse

Random bystander: eMoTiOnAl dAmAgE
by roseluvies February 6, 2022
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Emotional Damage is a word by Steven He.It means a highly unpleasant emotional reaction as distress or humiliation or anger, which result from another action or behavior.
A:Ur as useless and the ueue in queue.
by emotionaldamage1234 March 8, 2022
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a meme on tiktok originating from steven he.

dont know what this other guy is on about, this meme is pretty good.
"cringe tik tok kid" should be a good sign the definition is invalid.

anyway. its just steven he saying "emotional damage" in a very asian stereotype way.
i give it a 8/10 for memes of 2022. its not too bad.
emotional damage!!
by the cooler penguin27 January 15, 2022
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