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An expression that’s usually used whenever something depressing or something hard to swallow is said by someone. It is usually used during dark humor or when someone gets roasted.
Person: I would hit you, but that would be animal abuse

Random bystander: eMoTiOnAl dAmAgE
by roseluvies February 6, 2022
all of those wannabe aesthetes saying stuff like "jsjsjsjs", "LMAO I-", having a space between exclamation marks, and ending every sentence with a "-"
person 1: *sends a meme*
person 2: JSJSJS I-
person 1: are you trying to be "aesthetic" again? .-.
person 2: uh- no?- it just comes naturally or smth?-
by roseluvies June 16, 2021
basically a tiktok meme of a dog singing the song "summer", except in a different spelling from pronunciation. a lot of tiktokers use it in their videos
*in tiktok*
system: you have 4 words left
person: wenomechainsama tumajarbisaun wifenlooof eselifterbraun
by roseluvies June 28, 2022