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The face of the popular multiplayer shooter game, Team Fortress 2 , that was developed by Valve .
Heavy, a big hulking Russian man, also known as Heavy Weapons Guy, has a minigun as his primary weapon. He has a shotgun as a secondary and he uses his own fists to punch people for his melee. Heavy has the biggest amount of health for any character in the game, which is 300.

Although many people, players and non-players alike will agree when somebody asks them "Who is a character in TF2?", many will say Heavy. However, Valve has nerfed Heavy into oblivion, making him be extremely underpowered.
Player 1 : Did you hear that Heavy is getting a buff in the new update ?

Player 2: That's horseshit. They never buff him.
by PanisInTheAnus September 19, 2017
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One of the Seven Circles of internet Hell, where furries and other stains on humanity flock. Some call it the off-brand rule34, while for others this is their most-visited site. Usually used as a gallery for both NSFW and SFW art. Porn posted here typically is composed of ponies, anthromorphic animals with human features, cartoons and various video game characters, ranging from Ankha from Animal Crossing to Ren & Stimpy. Some more well-known characters are : Various Pokemon, MLP characters and even Deathclaws from the Fallout series. Art is organized by tags that tell one or more things in the image. e621 is also home to porn that takes things to the extreme.
Person 1 : Dude, have you seen how sexy this gardevoir is? I found it on e621
Person 2: You know I'm into horses, right? And rule34 is the better site .
by PanisInTheAnus October 26, 2017
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