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To openly embarrass someone who forwards a hoax or otherwise lame email to a large group of recipients. Done by replying-all and pointing out the stupidity of it, usually with a link to a debunking article.
"My noob brother sent me the Microsoft email-tracking hoax. I had to e-shame him and sent the Snopes link to everybody on his list."
by Anonymooski September 18, 2009
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E-shame is the feeling you have when you know you just cybered with someone you are like..98% sure is a man and/or the ugliest bitch ever, coupled with the fact that you enjoyed it and will be back for more later tonight.
As Roberto cleaned the last from between his fingers and discarded the used napkin from McDonalds, his e-shame swelled and his head reeled. 'Why does she always call me buddy?' he wondered..

*bleroop* 'Feelin good now?' came the next IM
*bleroop* 'all cleaned up hopefully'
*bleraap* 'you know it' he pinged back'
*bleroop* 'so you gonna b bak ltr?'

he was ruining his afterglow

*bleraap* 'you know it girlfriend'
*bleroop* ';-P sweet. l8r buddy'

he leaned back in his chair and breathed out, 'goddamnit..'
by gravitybomb May 16, 2008
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