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Lusting for the cool piece of hardware that someone else has.
I fooled with Bill's iPad last week and have a bad case of technoenvy.
by Anonymooski November 17, 2010

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The act or practice of sending a text message before you've finished it
Text: "Are you goi"
Reply: "WTF?"
Text: "Sorry - premature textulation"
by Anonymooski July 09, 2010

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To openly embarrass someone who forwards a hoax or otherwise lame email to a large group of recipients. Done by replying-all and pointing out the stupidity of it, usually with a link to a debunking article.
"My noob brother sent me the Microsoft email-tracking hoax. I had to e-shame him and sent the Snopes link to everybody on his list."
by Anonymooski September 18, 2009

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A nudie bar or strip club
Hey Bob, want to hit a couple of scantinas tonight?
by Anonymooski October 21, 2009

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"Did I already tell you that?" / "Did I already tell you this?"

Email and texting abbreviation for aging baby boomers - similar to ROFLMAO, LOL or TTYL. Used when you suspect that you might be repeating yourself.
"My grandson started walking last month! DIATYT?"

"I served two tours in Vietnam. DIATYT?"
by Anonymooski March 02, 2010

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