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Like a mole, but milleniallized. A mole but instead of a bowl weed and cig guts, hit a juul (or any other vape) and a dab pen at the same time.
"hey lets go hit some e-moles before class"
by squips October 28, 2018
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The use of a dab pen quickly followed by hitting your juul or any nicotine in the same breath.
Yooo kitch, you tryna take some emoles?
by Molesss March 20, 2019
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When an individual uses an online editing software to artificially add a mole onto a part of their body for the purpose of making them more attractive.
Did you see the number of E-moles Jen had in her lastest gram pic.... the fuck bitch who dyu think ur fooling??!
by bigdickm0 May 11, 2019
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One who forwards what are supposed to be personal, often incendiary emails to others within a social group. Generally part of e-gossiping. Can include annotating the e-mail.
Jenna forwarded my e-mail to the whole clique. What an e-mole.
by R.J.B. February 07, 2007
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An emo who resembles a mole.
Marc: Have you seen Josh lately, the Emo one?
Michael: What the mole?
Marc: Dude, EMOLE
by Josh Tyler October 15, 2007
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