As literal as the limitations of electronic communication will allow you to be, taking into consideration a phrase's common usage in slang, etc.
Eat me.

This is an e-literal phrase if you are either referring to cannibalism, or perhaps are speaking as if you were another object.
by OverAllComa October 28, 2004
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Someone who can only read an e-book but otherwise is completely illiterate.
John: How come Jason can't even read Dr. Seuss books but he read all of War and Peace on his e-book?
Meechelle: Yup, Jason is completely e-literate.
by ElvisJumpsNine November 1, 2010
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The weapon with the longest range of all the Splatoon 2 game. Categorized as a sniper weapon, it takes a long time to charge, but unleashes a powerful linear shot that can kill any player instantly. It is most used by japanese players that want to show to the world their supremacy at aiming like gods. People that are not good enough to use it, which is like 99% of all players, find it cancer, and, as someone said "it makes me wanna throw my switch out the window"
The E-liter 4k scope makes me wanna commit die because I always get killed out of nowhere
by Vadvid July 25, 2020
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