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Someone who can listen to his iPod, read the newspaper, and even answer the phone while sitting on the toilet.
Bitchy wife: Demetri! Get down here right now and help me with these dishes!
Multitasker husband: Sorry Maud, I can't right now-- I'm multitasking
by ElvisJumpsNine March 18, 2010

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When you have had only one or two drinks, so you are not quite intoxicated yet, but you aren't totally back to normal.
Boss: How come you haven't been working well today?
Ted: Well, you see I'm a bit toxicated after having a beer at lunchtime.
Boss: Don't you mean "intoxicated?"
Ted: No you uneducated fool! Toxicated! Don't you know anything?! How come you make more than me?!!!
Boss: Wow, I am totally sorry for being a stupid ignoranus. I am now going to send in my letter of resignation and relinquish my job and salary to you.
by ElvisJumpsNine March 17, 2010

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When a large group of men gather around a woman wearing semi-revealing undergarments.
Wow, did you see the throng that showed up when Britney took off her pants?
by ElvisJumpsNine March 17, 2010

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Someone who can only read an e-book but otherwise is completely illiterate.
John: How come Jason can't even read Dr. Seuss books but he read all of War and Peace on his e-book?
Meechelle: Yup, Jason is completely e-literate.
by ElvisJumpsNine October 31, 2010

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