A tampon, or rag that is currently in use, which generally means guys are out of commission.
Julie is riding the dynamite stick
Anne is having her period
Bob is not getting any this week, danyelle is on the rag
by chris50M January 12, 2006
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big pnies, dick, cock
Hey Corrina you want a dynamite?
No thanks you don't have one anyways
by angeliana September 21, 2007
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A bts song that is also a cult.
shining✨through🌺the🎈city🏙with💕a🧚🏻little👆funk🥳and soul✨, light🔥it💋up⚡️like🌈dynamite🧨óÖøōH
Steam dynamite. shining✨through🌺the🎈city🏙with💕a🧚🏻little👆funk🥳and soul✨, light🔥it💋up⚡️like🌈dynamite🧨óÖøōH
by Stan everglow January 12, 2021
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bella honestly most perfect human being ever fucking cutest bean ever honestly nobody compares
bella is dynamite in everywhere and anyone who disagrees shall be sacrificed to the boiling pot
by danbell69 December 15, 2019
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one of the many amazing bts songs out there ! it's a song that's all in english, and an instant serotonin boost. support the boys ! we made it, BB100 #1 !!
via giphy
by xoomxoom September 06, 2020
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Dynamite is BTS biggest hit across the world.
Dynamite broke all the records within the first month. Dynamite is a cultural reset. Dynamite is the song of the century. DYNAMITE SOTY.
« Have you seen BTS new MV? DYNAMITE is amazing » « Dynamite is getting this grammy » « Stream Dynamite on all platforms »
by Records Grammy Awards August 23, 2020
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