Dynamic Duo, a symbian relationship between 2 person each with special abilities.
The 2 persons also lead ordianary lives as well as there alternat personality.
Lenny and Darren - Bum Boy and Cheese
by Guff Boy July 21, 2004
A pair of twenty to thirty-something year old men gifted with the ability to turn any, otherwise hopeless, situation in their favor through the aid of alcohol.
on a recent uneventful Sunday, the dynamic duo turned a quick jaunt to the local bar into a 5 hr escapade, complete with gratuitous amounts of flirting, culminating in the exchange of phone numbers and other undisclosed indiscretions..
by kumar316 July 13, 2010
the affectionate "name" of a womans breasts!
did you see lilian? damn she has quite a dynamic duo there!!
by sam6lkl6l September 6, 2007
Name for the Miami Heat A.K.A. Dwayne Wade and Shaq. These two guys on the floor together are dangerous. They make a better team then Kobe and Shaq ever did...because Wade passes and Kobe is an idiot, see ball hogand huge ego . The combonation of D. Wade's dribbling, passing, and shooting mixed with Shaq's garbage points and rebounds equals an insane amount of points and wins. Therefore, the team is pretty much unbeatable when they're on their game.
Are you kidding me?!? D. Wade and the Diesel, the dynamic duo do it again!
by Adam K.......... June 4, 2006
Two People who are really close or are always together. They do anything and everything together, and when they are together they dominate anything and everyone!
Tyler and Shaun were droppin' dimes in the game today, they totally dominated the court. They were "the Dynamic Duo!"

(Look Up Droppin' Dimes)
by T! June 24, 2006
The Dynamic Duo are two upper-classmen cadets who regulary spit-roast hot younger cadets like me.
Yeah -- Brad and collin are the Dynamic Duo -- they're coming to my room to spit-roast me - - wanna join us?
by USAF Cadet October 17, 2020