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person who is extremely good at sexual acts and who is also known as a "player"
; very smart and powerful; well known in the art of largasm
That guy is such a dykeman.
I slept with a dykeman last night and it was great.
by satanica May 11, 2005
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When one hits another person upside the head with a kitchen utensil such as a frying pan or a pot.
Mother: What are you doing son?
*Hits mother upside the head with a frying pan*
by MaudKip December 13, 2009
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1)a)One who's mother owns a Harley Davidson (or any other motorcycle), belongs to a biker gang, and has a tattoo with the name "Big Bertha" on her bicep. b) A male characterized by "dyke-like" characteristcs i.e.: homosexuality, having a terrible wardrobe. c) Zach

SYN: Dykester, Dikeman
Wow, Zach is a such a dykeman, his mom has a Harley in the garage and he likes men!
by Jeff Patracka January 18, 2007
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a man who behaves much like a "dyke" in that he is a homosexual, but dresses as ruggedly manly as possible so as to avoid being discovered by his friends/family.
did you see that guy?""yeah, he's totally a dykeman. look at that faggy blue car he's driving.
by DDGhater January 24, 2011
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single handedly the best person alive, makes the best boyfriend in the whole entire world, drives a blue chevy aveo, works the meat dept of stop and shop, FSU'S (fucks shit up) in every mosh pit he comes into contact with, music is his life, can be indecisive at times, sees what other people don't see in some people, has the ability to change your whole life when he whispers sweet nothings in your ears and deserves nothing but the best in life.
by buster dykeman January 23, 2011
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(i.e)"Pulling a Dykeman"

When someone pushes a joke too far, almost off the cliff, so that it is no longer unfunny.
Your Mama's so fat she sits in two different timezones...

...Like two, SEPARATE TIMES....

....Multiply zone FAT.....

...And your grandmother's in TEXAS

"Dude's pulling a dykeman so hard right now"
by csmitty September 24, 2014
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