Dyke: Female homosexual who secretly wants to be male.

Example "As busy as a Dyke in a hardware store"
The urge to be something you admire or long to be.
A Dyke will dress like a guy, walk, talk and act like a guy and will shy away from girly cocktails and martinis and go for a beer even though more than 2 makes them cry a puke all night and spend a long time staring a power tools and appliances with glee but not knowing what the fuck it is.
by Jason lee quit Scientology February 20, 2009
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A very masculine looking, dressing, sounding, and acting lesbian.

Not to be confused with a 'lesbo'. Lesbos are commonly more attractive lesbians (the type that you would like to see in pornography).

A dyke is an ugly lesbian, and only an ugly lesbian. Common traits of a dyke are short hair, deep voices, and overdress in plaid and denim.
I think my Physical Education teacher might be a dyke.
by thedvs01 May 04, 2003
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Refering to a Lesbian who for one reason or another hates men. Most of the time thinking that they (women) should rule the world. Not to be confused with a regular lesbian who simply enjoys relationships with other females. A Dyke thinks that all woman should be lesbians and men completely taken out of the equation.the ironic thing is that dykes more often than lesbians seem to dress like men even though they claim to hate them.
I hate those man hating Dykes
by Lumpkins July 12, 2008
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a lesbo, girl likes girl anyone who plays softball mostly people with the names jen or emily
jen is such a dyke!
by qwerasdfzxcvtgbyhn November 08, 2009
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