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1: a behavior or dynamic related to stereotypical qualities of lesbians taken to such an extreme that it serves to entertain the community as a whole 2: lesbian interactions that do not serve the good of the individual, the lesbian community, or the general populace--as in the case of premature cohabitation, lesbian bed death, and other unpleasant phenomena.
Lulu storms into the local lesbian dive--eyes flashing, mouth set in a firm line, the pits of her hemp-blend Ani DiFranco T-shirt soaked--and dumps a pint of ruby mist ale in Amy's polyamorous lap. Amy dabs at herself with a small square of napkin, rolls her eyes, and shrugs. "Sorry," she says. "Dyke drama."

And we all understand.
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The constant challenges and sometimes strife affecting lesbians due to affairs, gossip, etc.
"That damn Glo punched Kate at the bar, like she doesnt have enough dyke drama!"
by No money G November 24, 2004
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