The burn book is usually created by the popular clique in school, roasting and gossiping (mostly) about everyone that gets in their way. But it can also talk about some new, hot guys at school, juicy stories, and all those fugly sluts there is today. Here's a tip: DON'T trust anyone with your secrets, and you most likely won't get in the Burn Book history. (SAYS NO ONE)
the Burn Book is made up of everyone in the school, saying nasty things about everyone's private life.
by Cassy.Sulli April 13, 2017
A book which contains bitchy comments about other people, often friends, school mates, etc.
Person 1: OMG! Shes such a bitch, i can't believe she slept with my exboyfriend, what a slut!

Person 2: Let it out, put it in the burn book
by Jonathan Irvine April 18, 2006
A site which contains bitchy comments about other people, including but not limited to friends, peers, celebrities, politicians, etc. An online burnbook as the name references does not need to be a physical book but can be a website such as
In an online burn book I was called me a stupid whore who sleeps with anything and everything, regardless of sex or species and dead or alive.
by jwill101 September 12, 2010
(Taken from Mean Girls) A profane book used to describe people that you have utmost distaste for. Contains a picture, name, and reasons for their entry.
Girl 1: Omg, did you see Veronica?
Girl 2: Like yeah! What a Bitch!
Girl 1: She's going in the Burn Book!
by Ave Satanas676 December 22, 2008
this is a burn book. urban dictionary has became a burn book if you haven't noticed. only worldwide. pff
-public restroom wall
-what you're reading right now is a burn book
by bobis August 19, 2007
a book that people (mainly females) put nasty things about others in
Kylie: OMG!!!!! I fucking hate Jessica so fucking much cuz she slpet with mah bae Kyle!
Sarah: Put it in the burn book.
by Lolliepuff February 15, 2015