good skate shoes...last pretty long too
by A.J.M. December 24, 2003
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1. A skateboard shoe and clothing company.
2. Some wanker's say it to mean Devious. They either type it on the internet or use it on the numberplate (ie. MRDVS) of their crotch-rocket, shitbox Honda Civic with overly excxessive spoiler's and exhaust soundz.
"I got free new pair of DVS shoes and a free DVS T-shirt and Beanie coz I knew tha dude at the shop."
"That MRDVS is a wanker. DVS is a shoe company."
by Diego August 17, 2003
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Duffryn Vigilante Squad
Group of vigilante/gangsters operating in the duffryn area of the welsh city of newport. Local arm of the "taffia".

Made known to the mainstream by the GLC's (see GLC) comical song DVS.
I'm from duffryn, fuckin no bufflyn.
by Anon June 30, 2004
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Double vaginal. Used when talking about a female taking two cocks up her pussy at the same time. Can also be performed in conjunction with DP & DA as well as a number of other combinations.

And more...
by jasun January 12, 2005
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John: Look at that chick's DVS's, their riding her camel toe
by II KH II January 2, 2012
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